gzip file compression and decompression


Compress or decompress files in the .gz format.


gzip usage





gzip option











By default, gzip keeps the original file name and timestamp in the compressed file.

These are used when decompressing the file with the -N option. This is useful when the compressed file name was truncated or when the time stamp was not preserved after a file transfer.

gzip example



The compressed file looks like this:

image of compressed file





You can even compress multiple files at once.

example of how to compress multiple files



To compress all the files in a current directory.

example of how to compress all files



Compressed files can be restored to their original form using gzip -d or gunzip or zcat.

decompress files



It will decompress the above mentioned 3 screenshots. you can perform the same operation using gunzip command:

gunzip decompression



You can decompress all the files just like gzip using gunzip command.

decompress all files



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