Install ubuntu Using VM Virtual box





 click here to download  UBUNTU






    • open VM Virtual box and click on New…  a pop-up window will open. 


create virtual machine

    • click on next and follow next image


memory size

    • click on next and choose “create hard disk now” 


hard disk

    • click on create and choose the type of hard disk – vdi


hard disk type

    • After that choose “dynamically created” 



dynamically allocated


    • After that, you have to give memory size


file location and size

      • you will see a new machine named Ubuntu-new has been created but it is powered off. And when you will power on this machine, you will get an error –




FATAL: No bootable medium found! System Halted.

           To solve this problem. power off the machine and right click and go to setting.

            now navigate to storage and click on the marked position.


virtual box - storage              As you will click a new pop-up will open to choose disk


choose diskafter this, you will see below image


choose diskNow power on your machine to begin installation of Ubuntu.

install ubuntu




Here you will be given 2 choice- try and install. choose install and click next. Then it will ask you to whether to download the updates during installing Ubuntu or not. click on continue.



update ubuntu

In this post, we will erase the disk and install Ubuntu only.


erase disk


then a Pop-Up window will open. click on continue.




click on continue

choose your location … although it is auto-detected




then it will ask you for keyboard layout




Finally, it will ask about the user- who you are.








Then Ubuntu will start installing on your machine.

install ubuntu in virtual box

After downloading updates and copying new files, a Pop-Up will open stating -“Installation complete”.

Restart now


Finally, Restart your machine and you are ready to use Ubuntu on VM Virtual box.





Now, you can start using your Linux but always remember these points.









If the internet is not working on your virtual machine then visit here














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