When one is talking about programming, and somebody mentions ‘C‘, the first question that yet again attacks our minds is ‘what is C???’.

What is C?

So basically C is a procedure-oriented programming language. It was developed at AT and T’s Bell Laboratories back in 1972, not that that’s necessary for you to learn about C, but well I was recalling whatever I’ve learnt and I thought the developers should get some credit.

So, moving onto C again, C is an improved version of another not-anymore-in-use programming language ‘B’. But the question that arises here again is that why B is not in use anymore because C is better, then why do we study about C when we have advanced languages like C++, Java, VB etc.

Features of C

But C is a really appreciable programming language, here’s why:-

  • C Is a very simple language, with easy to understand commands.
  • You may call it as the mother of all programming language.
  • As a middle-level language, C combines the features of both high level and low-level language.
  • This makes C a very versatile language, it is used for writing compilers, drivers etc.
  • C provides speed and hence is used to make games and or such programs that need to display speed.
  • C is ubiquitous (XD), well it is, it exists wherever there’s a platform.
  • C is portable. Don’t have a c compiler? No worries, because C gets compiled with minimal modulations. All you have to do is just add a simple C while saving the program.
  • C is a structured programming language, i.e. it allows a complex program to be broken into simpler programs called functions.
  • C also allows free movement of data across these functions.i.e. there’s no restriction on data access.


So, Let’s summarise the above points with a picture. 

c features


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