How to list directories in Linux

ls command is used for this purpose. You can list directories or files with ls.



Now see the manual page for ls


how to show manual of ls command


you will get a manual page screen. I am sharing a part of this.


manual page of ls

Here we will discuss some of the frequently used options in ls

  1. ls –a


It is used to show all files. Showing all files means including the hidden files.

Note: When a file name on a Linux file system starts with a dot, it is considered a hidden file and it doesn’t show up in regular file listings.




2. ls -l


Typing ls -l (that is a letter L, not the number 1) gives you a long listing.




·         ls -h


It shows the numbers (file sizes) in a more human-readable format. You can use different combination as well. E.g. lh,hl, -h –l, -h.


Below I am showing you an example:


ls -lh




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